Thoughts of Trish & Me

     We were the most unlikely of friends. Trish had spent most of her adult life single, enjoying time out with friends, dating, and working full time. After Wesley was born, life changed dramatically for her. She spent his earlier years as a stay at home mom, but after he started school, she needed to return to a full time job. Trish was a very spontaneous person who was full of fun. I went to nursing school, finished college, got married at 21 years old, and started a family by 23. My entire adult life had been spent raising 4 kids, working parttime as a nurse, and enjoying life with my husband and family. Learning to live under the same roof was nothing short of a miracle. I loved to cook, and Trish loved fast food. I loved being at home, and Trish loved to be out running around. My children always had bedtimes and lots of routine. Trish and Wesley were free-spirited, with no set schedule. This would be like mixing oil and water right? Interestingly enough, God has a beautiful way of molding and shaping lumps of clay into a beautiful masterpiece. Trish and I really enjoyed spending time together, I learned that sitting down, relaxing, and letting those dishes sit in the sink wasn't going to hurt a thing! I treasure the many spontaneous milkshake runs, Wal-mart trips, and late night chats. We both often commented that we were not certain of the time that we had, so we had to make it count.

     I wanted to learn as much about her and her life as possible. I asked every question imaginable about Wesley as a baby and toddler, trying so hard to have as many answers as I could to give him as he grew into a young man. I wanted to be able to tell him if he took a pacifier, slept on his belly or back, all of those things that a mom would know. Maybe he would never ask those questions, but if he did , I wanted to be prepared. I always enjoyed our talks, whether in the car on the way to an appointment, or out and about. I look back and treasure those moments now. Trish was very thoughtful, she remembered the little things. She loved hiding dove chocolates in the top drawer of her dresser just in case she or I needed a chocolate treat! She loved to save the foils with the little sayings on them. Funny how I never noticed them before, and now I read each one. She loved having a family and being a part of it. I often worried that with her illness, the noise and hustle and bustle of our home would bother her. Just the opposite! She said many times, "I love being in the middle of all the action!" Trish taught me to take time, stop and treasure the little moments. She also told me that she appreciated some schedule and consistency. She wanted to be more structured with parenting, but it was tough as a single mom. I assurred her that she did her best, and that Wesley was an amazing boy!

     We learned from each other. We entered this journey together to give Wesley a home when Trish went to heaven. I gained far more than that, and I believe she did too. We gained family, forever family. I miss her everyday. Everytime the seasons change I realize its another that we will enjoy without her with us. Each time Wesley says or does something that completely reminds me of Trish, my heart smiles. She is with us, in her son, her memory, its all around us. Someday, we will be together again. Trish knew Jesus as her Savior and we will all spend eternity together with Him.

The last words I spoke to her on this earth were, "It's not goodbye, it's I'll see you later," ....until then Trish.

Diane Nichols ​- Ghost Writer                 e-mail: [email protected]

Diane Nichols has been following her passion of writing for the last 24 years. She began her career interviewing people all around the globe and writing true life stories for worldwide magazines working for some of the best editors in the business. She also branched out into newspaper reporting, both in Central Florida and Ohio, earning top awards with the Florida Press Association for her features. She is also an author and ghostwriter, as well as a regular contributing writer for Bauer Publishing, the largest magazine publisher in the country writing steadily for First For Women and Simple Grace magazines. When she isn't at the keyboard crafting her next story, she loves spending time with her two beautiful daughters whom she happily admits are the biggest blessing of her life!